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Access the latest innovations before they hit the market


At Colgate we believe that everyone deserves a future they can smile about and reaching nearly 2 of every 3 households worldwide, we are in a unique position to make this happen. For over 200 years we have worked to provide innovative oral care solutions to improve oral health for everyone everywhere. Our goal is for every person in every country, from every walk of life to be smiling their brightest.


CoLabs is an agile and collaborative team within Colgate, tasked with turning today’s oral health challenges into tomorrow’s solutions. The products you will see at CoLabs have not yet hit the stores - you are getting a peek behind the curtain at what the future holds. If you would like to be among the first to access the latest Oral Care products, innovation and technology then you have come to the right place. Products will be shipped directly to you and we would love your feedback to help make our ideas even better.

The Future of Relief for Sensitive Teeth

We know it is difficult to get fully into life when you have sensitive teeth. Eating ice cream with family, drinking coffee with friends, or even a glass of cold water can bring on more of a grimace than a smile. Until now, sensitivity relief has been a daily burden. We’ve developed two new ways to provide high-quality sensitivity relief: Anywhere, Anytime ™ provides rapid relief, whenever you need it, while dentist-inspired ProRelief ™ keeps sensitive teeth protected. Choose the option best for your lifestyle and enjoy more confidence, more freedom and a future you can smile about!