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Preview a way to boost your smile and confidence!

The easy way to get professional input on the health and beauty of your smile + personalized products and services to achieve the smile you want. All with transparent pricing.
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What’s in it for your smile?

It all starts with a professional smile assessment Virtual Smile Assessment.

Without the dental office visit.

Virtual Smile Assessment

My smile assistant would allow you to simply download our app then follow the instructions to send in photos of your
whole mouth (inside and out), for a Virtual Smile Assessment by one of our dental professionals (you can
choose from hundreds in your area). They will then advise you in real time (chat or video call) on how you’re
doing, where you could make improvements, and what your “before/after” smile could look like.

3 Easy Steps

Based on your smile assessment your virtual dentist may recommend enhancements to your smile, such as whitening, straightening - all with transparent pricing - that you can try at home, or in-office.

Once you get the smile you want

We’ll help you keep it that way

A great smile deserves good care. We would be able to put you in touch with local dentists in your area who offer transparent pricing on cleanings and x-rays. You’ll also get a free connected toothbrush that tracks your brushing on our app and gives your coaching tips, so you will be able to make the most of your daily routine. Plus you'll get a delivery of oral care products to your home every three months. My smile assistant will make it easier and more affordable to get the smile you want.

Everything you need to enhance your smile.

And the prices will have you smiling, too!

Getting the smile you want shouldn’t leave you frowning at the high cost. All our services and products will come with transparent pricing, so you will be able to choose what you want, when you want it, the way you want it.

Basic Smile Enhancement Package

Virtual Smile Assessment

30-minute session

Dental Professional

 Personalized Advice

 Free Connected Manual Toothbrush

 Track your brushing on the app - get tips to improve

 Replacement head every 3 months for 1 year

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Smile Enhancement Subscription

Virtual Smile Assessment

 30-minute session

 Dental Professional

 Personalized Advice

 Free Connected Manual Toothbrush

 Track your brushing on the app - get tips to improve

 Replacement head every 3 months for 1 year

 Smile Maintenance Kit

Based on your personal smile assessment;
one year supply of customized toothpaste,
mouthwash, and floss, delivered every 3
months to your home ($50 value)

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Are you interested in boosting your smile and the confidence that comes with it?

Your confidence will thank you

Basic Smile Enhancement Package
Advanced Smile Enhancement Package
Basic Smile Enhancement Package

Virtual Smile Assesment

30-minute session using the app to chat/ video chat with a Dental Professional for personalized advice

Connected toothbrush

Free Manual Brush that tracks your brushing routine on the app, provides tips for improvement, and can be shared with our Dentists. Includes 1-year of replacement heads delivered to your home every 3 months.


Advanced Smile Enhancement Package


At home whitening Kit


In-office whitening service



Opti-smile straightening kit


Smile Health

Professional dental cleaning


Professional X-rays


Connected Electric Toothbrush


Smile Mainteanance Kit


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